Best Construction Estimating Software Everything You Need to Know

If you own a construction business, accurate and timely estimates are essential to staying competitive. While manual methods for quoting projects can sometimes get the job done, they often fall short when providing efficient service and insight into completing each project.

Fortunately, there are countless software options specifically designed to assist with construction estimating. So, if you’re looking for an automated solution that offers advanced features, accuracy in calculations, and detailed tracking of vital information by project phase, then you’ve come to the right place.

Takeoffsconstruction will discuss some of the best construction estimating software available in today’s market helping offer increased insight into streamlining your bidding process from start to finish.

1. Plan Swift:

Plan Swift is one of the most popular constructions estimating software options. It has a wide range of features, such as takeoff and estimating capabilities, a library of material and labor databases, customizable reports and invoices, an intuitive user interface, and support for multiple currencies. The software also offers integration with QuickBooks Online to streamline accounting processes.

Plan Swift is suitable for small-scale contractors as well as large businesses needing enterprise solutions. With its comprehensive feature set and flexible pricing plans, it’s no wonder why Plan Swift is so widely used by construction professionals around the world. It allows users to quickly create accurate estimates from blueprints or sketches for materials and labor costs in just minutes.

With the ability to manage all aspects of their projects from conception to completion, Plan Swift offers a comprehensive construction estimating solution. 

2. On Screen Takeoffs:

On Screen Takeoffs are software programs that allow estimators to measure and calculate dimensions from plans. It also allows users to extract specific items for a bill of materials, such as the number of bricks needed for a wall or the amount of lumber required for framing. This is done by taking digital copies of blueprints and overlaying them with special tools that perform calculations in real-time.

On ScreenTakeoff helps estimators quickly understand the scope and size of a project so they can create accurate estimates and reduce costs. Additionally, it makes sharing information between teams seamless while providing visibility into cost-saving opportunities.

Aside from the ability to measure both 2D and 3D dimensions, On Screen Takeoff also has a variety of features including customizable report formats, automated takeoff calculations, drawing markups, imported images/lists/links, and more. It also allows users to calculate materials costs by selecting items from a database or inputting their own custom prices.

3. B2W Estimate:

B2W Estimate is an easy-to-use construction estimating software that provides accurate estimates quickly. It helps users save time and money by providing access to architecture drawings, cost databases, and other resources, making it easier to create accurate estimates from the start.

B2W Estimate has features for bid management, and project tracking, and even includes an integrated CRM system. It allows users to keep track of all data related to projects including costs, labor hours, items purchased or rented, subcontractor pricing, etc., allowing them to easily audit estimates when needed.

B2W Estimate also enables users to estimate future projects and compare pricing with historical data, helping them make better decisions when bidding on new jobs. With its user-friendly design, powerful features, and integrated CRM system, B2W Estimate is an excellent choice for contractors of all sizes.

4. Heavy Bid:

HeavyBid is a construction estimating software that provides users with insight into their project costs. With its streamlined interface and comprehensive suite of features, Heavy Bid can help contractors accurately calculate the cost of any job, from small renovations to large-scale projects. It allows companies to bid more competitively, negotiate prices better with suppliers, keep track of expenses more efficiently, and control labor scheduling and management.

Heavy Bid also helps increase profits by reducing time spent on data entry and guesswork for estimates. Moreover, it enables users to easily generate detailed reports that can be shared in various formats like PDF or Excel. With its intuitive design and powerful features, Heavy Bid is an excellent choice for any business looking to take control of its construction projects.  It’s no surprise that many businesses trust Heavy Bid as their go-to estimating software of choice!

4. RS Means:

RS Means is a well-known cost database provider, offering comprehensive construction estimating software. It offers detailed cost information on over 18,000 line items for all types of projects from renovations to new construction. The software helps contractors accurately estimate project costs quickly and easily.

With RS Means, you can access data related to labor, material, equipment rentals, overhead, and insurance costs. Additionally, you can generate accurate estimates by inputting your custom parameters and assumptions. There’s even an option to generate graphical results with charts or tables.

This software also provides reports that provide summaries of the estimated expenses for different components of a project. All in all, RS Means solutions offer excellent accuracy and speed combined with intuitive tools that make it easy to use for anyone. It’s an ideal choice for contractors and construction professionals who want a reliable, comprehensive estimating software solution.

5. Estimator360:

First, on our list, we have Estimator360, an up-and-coming software that is changing the game in terms of estimating software.

Estimator360 offers to provide you with a lot for a little money, with options starting at $369 per month. Estimating360, which includes a built-in CRM and project planner, can handle all of your pre-construction, project management, and financial demands for a fraction of the cost.

The next selling point for Estimator360 is its simplicity. Because Estimator360 is new to the market, the development team has made certain that the application is sleek, modern, and can be used by any contractor without a severe learning curve, unlike so many other estimating tools. 

6. Builder Trend:

Buildertrend, like Procore, is a top construction management software that has long been utilized in both the residential and commercial industries. The best part is that Buildertrend offers a low price for such a professional and well-rounded service, with plans starting at only $399 monthly.

Builder Trend still offers a professional service that can take your business to the next level with an in-depth program that can handle all of your pre-construction, financial, and project management demands. Buildertrend is an excellent, less expensive alternative to Procore for contractors of any size wishing to expand their building firm.

7. BuildXact 3:

BuildXact seems to have very positive client feedback throughout our study. The reason for this is that BuildXact has created estimating software that is more powerful, easier to use, and less expensive than most products on the market.

BuildXact promises a lot for $149 per month. BuildXact has it all: takeoff tools, project scheduling, and CRM. BuildXact, like Estimator360, is at the top of our list because of how useful it can be to smaller construction companies with its ability to manage practically every part of the pre-construction process.

Although the program is designed for small to medium-sized contractors, large construction firms will benefit from its extensive feature set as well! However, if you’re a contractor looking for more “commercial” software to utilize for takeoffs and project management, the following software on our list is also worth considering…


STACK, a cloud-based product that you can use directly from your browser, is ranked sixth on our list. STACK can be used for takeoffs, cost estimates, document management, and pretty much any other aspect of the preconstruction process.

STACK is regarded as one of the most convenient estimating tools for smaller contractors, thanks to its user-friendly interface and reliable cost data. They also have a specialized customer support team and receive good marks for response time. To top it all off, it provides a free version of the program for your basic estimating needs.

The cost is likewise quite standard, with plans starting at $2499 a year. Although some users may feel STACK lacks some of the estimating features offered in more comprehensive software such as ProEst, it’s a versatile, powerful, and straightforward estimating tool that’s a fantastic fit for any small to the mid-sized contractor.

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